[[ In my opinion, Dolores Umbridge is worse than even Voldemort. I absolutely cannot stand people like her. Her extreme passive aggressive behavior is atrocious and gets so far under my skin it’s unreal. I despise her.]]


It makes me sad when people my age say that they don’t find old horror films to be scary or even watchable. If they would at least consider for a moment that you don’t need gore or CGI effects to make a compelling horror film they would realize how many great films they’re missing out on.”


If the term “mack daddy” didn’t sound so ridiculous in the context of this show, one could call Brad Rutter a total Jeopardy Mack Daddy.


Confession #784 “I want to be Norman Reedus’s sex slave. And I wanna deep throat him every time he asks me.”

My jaw hit the floor when those fans chanted “boring” to Bray Wyatt. I’m curious if they were seeing/hearing the same thing I was.”

Tyson Kidd is so underrated. I hope within the next couple of years he wins the US or IC title”

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the longer you watch it the more you want to find the nearest cliff

hey look satan made a gif

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